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Living An Elevated Life

Trish Lindo

I made a conscious decision this year to live a more elevated life. What does that mean exactly? Every year I choose a word that serves as a north star for that year. 2021 was growth and 2020 was explore…then March 2020 happened and Adapt became my new word. It’s safe to say we all didn’t have much of choice with that one. Elevated to me means a higher standard of living in all areas of my life from personal to professional. A new mindset, a new home, a new perspective, just a new way of being. The past two years was a blur with every day a carbon copy of the one before. I needed a massive reset to find a new elevated way of being.

To start anew things needed to change in a big way. I started small. I got a new email address, sold my furniture, got rid of clothes I wasn’t wearing, found a new home, took dance classes, stop posting regularly on IG (I know I know), and gravitating to new adventures and fascinating people. So far the year of living an elevated life has been a pendulum of highs and lows and I’ve loved every minute of it. Everyday I make micro decisions to fully embrace my 2022 elevated life. I realize I say No more and tolerate less sh*t from people. It’s been quite liberating and a welcomed side effect of my decision to take my life in a new direction. Don’t get me wrong some days I think I’ve completely gone crazy town… but so what! Anyone else feel like they want to start over and live their life on their terms just flip the script?

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