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Network & Chill LA

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago by producing my first event ever in Los Angeles. I created “Network & Chill” to create a space for people of color in the entertainment industry to connect in a meaningful way. I was so nervous to embark on such an endeavor and of course fear creeped in from time to time but I did it.

Of course I couldn’t do it by myself. I’m grateful for SocialEras who donated their office space for Network & Chill. Their beautiful modern space was definitely a highlight for my guests who raved about it! I agreed of course lol! A heartfelt Thanks to SocialEras!!

I also reached out to Suja Juice who immediately said yes to supporting Network & Chill. Their cold pressed juices are so good for the body and yummy too. Every influencer event that I’ve attended in LA, Suja Juice is always there with their delicious juices and always with a positive attitude. Their motto “We believe kindness quenches the soul,” which absolutely aligns with who I am and exactly what I wanted to convey through Network & Chill. We are all connected and we are more alike than our differences. Thanks Suja Juice!!

I wanted to keep Network & Chill an imitate affair with just 40 people, so that all the attendees had a chance to make a life long connection or two. Everyone had welcome the opportunity to make professional and personal connections. I asked my friend Shukri Abdi to help with creating activities that really helped to peel back the layers of who people are. She was also the host of the networking activities and she killed it! Many Thanks my friend.

We all know “no man is island” and that really rang true during the pre production of Network & Chill and during the event. A special THANKS TO Kelsey Scott, Kat Gana, Neil Taffe, Takara Joseph, Pentene’ of Style Me Fancy, Shukri Abdi, Ale Harnish, Mollie, Liz of Liz in Los Angeles, Crescent Muhammad, Kalia Silva, Mitzie Charles, Court Petrie, Julie Nishi, Steph Petrey, and DJ Tonee Macara and of course all my friends who came out to support me in my first endeavor as an event planner. I’m in pre-production for the next “Network & Chill” in Fall 2019. Yasssss! #TheUniverseHasMyBack

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