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I Love Weekend Getaways

I recently hit the road with one of my friends because the weather in LA was a dreamy 75 degrees and everything was in full bloom. We packed up my car and headed south to get a taste of Italy in San Diego. They have the cutest neighborhood if you love all things Italian appropriately called “Little Italy.” Of course, on our way there we stopped in Carlsbad to visit the Flower Fields and it didn’t disappoint!

We take for granted the little things like the ability to see and smell beautiful flowers. I felt like I was in a heavenly garden and you know I had to take several pics LOL! We stayed there for a couple of hours walking around and taking in the sights. It’s a great place to bring your family or significant other for a day that feels like a farm fair filled with flowers, caramel popcorn, train rides, lemonade, and buying tchotchkes.

We continued south to San Diego to enjoying an Italian getaway in Little Italy. It’s such a quaint part of SD that I was pleasantly surprised how much it looked like Italy. We used Hotel Tonight to find a last minute hotel room a couple of blocks from Little Italy. It even has a replica of the Trevi Fountain in the town square. Super cute right! It’s a touristy are but if you suspend belief, you really feel like you’re in Rome.

I had a wonderful time in Little Italy. I didn’t take a ton of pics because I’ve been practicing being in the moment and being present as Eckart Tolle instructs. The more I do it the easier it becomes. I would highly recommend a weekend getaway to Little Italy in San Diego if you’re in an Italian mood. Lots of great restaurants, cafes, shopping, and definitely IG worthy spots for pics. I will probably go back before the year is out…bonus you can see the ocean from Little Italy. Ciao!

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