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My Hair Journey Continues

If you’re a naturalista like me then you know there’s a lot of work that goes into taking care of natural hair. I’ve been natural for over seven years and even with its ups and downs I love my hair. It was like an incredible star of a hit Broadway show it was magnificent to style everyday. In the summer of 2017, I decided I wanted a change and had my hair straightened for six weeks. That’s all it took to destroy my once lush hair to lifeless stringy hair. I was devastated. Like most women my hair was a huge part of my identity and my self-worth. So once it was gone, I didn’t feel good about myself and my self confidence took a hit. I didn’t even think I had this issue until I was faced with it. The heat damage to my hair was absolutely nuts! I got a $200 haircut because I was nervous about ruining it for a second time. At the end of the day it was kinda like a big chop all over again.

Seriously the first part of 2018 was rough because I had to learn to love myself without my hair. I thought I looked kinda odd without it, not as pretty, and kinda boring. This was all my internal dialogue of course. It took a couple of months to believe that I’m still awesomely beautiful without my hair and that it will grow back. Lots of affirmations, vegan cake, and Time because everything takes freakin time…lol. I had to do the inner work on myself as they say and it took about six months while I waited and waited for my hair to grow back. I’m grateful for the time to work on myself and the opportunity to relearn to love myself. Hair does not equal beauty. Long, short, mid-length, shaved, or even bald it’s all beautiful. Here’s the latest pics of my hairit’s coming in nicely, right? Have you ever had to do a big chop? or a haircut to repair damage?

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