Network & Chill LA

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago by producing my first event ever in Los Angeles. I created “Network & Chill” to create a space for people of color in the entertainment industry to connect in a meaningful way. I was so nervous to embark on such an endeavor and of course fear creeped in from time to time but I did it.

Of course I couldn’t do it by myself. I’m grateful for SocialEras who donated their office space for Network & Chill. Their beautiful modern space was definitely a highlight for my guests who raved about it! I agreed of course lol! A heartfelt Thanks to SocialEras!!

I also reached out to Suja Juice who immediately said yes to supporting Network & Chill. Their cold pressed juices are so good for the body and yummy too. Every influencer event that I’ve attended in LA, Suja Juice is always there with their delicious juices and always with a positive attitude. Their motto “We believe kindness quenches the soul,” which absolutely aligns with who I am and exactly what I wanted to convey through Network & Chill. We are all connected and we are more alike than our differences. Thanks Suja Juice!!

I wanted to keep Network & Chill an imitate affair with just 40 people, so that all the attendees had a chance to make a life long connection or two. Everyone had welcome the opportunity to make professional and personal connections. I asked my friend Shukri Abdi to help with creating activities that really helped to peel back the layers of who people are. She was also the host of the networking activities and she killed it! Many Thanks my friend.

We all know “no man is island” and that really rang true during the pre production of Network & Chill and during the event. A special THANKS TO Kelsey Scott, Kat Gana, Neil Taffe, Takara Joseph, Pentene’ of Style Me Fancy, Shukri Abdi, Ale Harnish, Mollie, Liz of Liz in Los Angeles, Crescent Muhammad, Kalia Silva, Mitzie Charles, Court Petrie, Julie Nishi, Steph Petrey, and DJ Tonee Macara and of course all my friends who came out to support me in my first endeavor as an event planner. I’m in pre-production for the next “Network & Chill” in Fall 2019. Yasssss! #TheUniverseHasMyBack

Sunday Funday: Photoville in LA

I love Sunday Funday especially when photography is involved. I checked out Photoville in LA at the Annenberg Space Photography. The exhibit features local and international photographers work in repurposed shipping containers, photo cubes, and light boxes in a festival atmosphere. I had so much fun see all the artists incredible work.

I totally stumbled upon Photoville LA but it was a sweet surprise to see the work of over 200 diverse artists from around the world and California. The exhibits highlights social and cultural causes that have impacted our communities.

I would definitely recommend visiting the exhibit which runs through May 5th. The Annenberg Space for Photography even validates parking. I was there for two hours and it was totally free. It’s a great way to spend a spring afternoon, plus it’s right across the street from the Century City Mall. Score! You can go shopping afterwards and grab an organic lunch. #PhotovilleLA

I Love Weekend Getaways

I recently hit the road with one of my friends because the weather in LA was a dreamy 75 degrees and everything was in full bloom. We packed up my car and headed south to get a taste of Italy in San Diego. They have the cutest neighborhood if you love all things Italian appropriately called “Little Italy.” Of course, on our way there we stopped in Carlsbad to visit the Flower Fields and it didn’t disappoint!

We take for granted the little things like the ability to see and smell beautiful flowers. I felt like I was in a heavenly garden and you know I had to take several pics LOL! We stayed there for a couple of hours walking around and taking in the sights. It’s a great place to bring your family or significant other for a day that feels like a farm fair filled with flowers, caramel popcorn, train rides, lemonade, and buying tchotchkes.

We continued south to San Diego to enjoying an Italian getaway in Little Italy. It’s such a quaint part of SD that I was pleasantly surprised how much it looked like Italy. We used Hotel Tonight to find a last minute hotel room a couple of blocks from Little Italy. It even has a replica of the Trevi Fountain in the town square. Super cute right! It’s a touristy are but if you suspend belief, you really feel like you’re in Rome.

I had a wonderful time in Little Italy. I didn’t take a ton of pics because I’ve been practicing being in the moment and being present as Eckart Tolle instructs. The more I do it the easier it becomes. I would highly recommend a weekend getaway to Little Italy in San Diego if you’re in an Italian mood. Lots of great restaurants, cafes, shopping, and definitely IG worthy spots for pics. I will probably go back before the year is out…bonus you can see the ocean from Little Italy. Ciao!

My Hair Journey Continues

If you’re a naturalista like me then you know there’s a lot of work that goes into taking care of natural hair. I’ve been natural for over seven years and even with its ups and downs I love my hair. It was like an incredible star of a hit Broadway show it was magnificent to style everyday. In the summer of 2017, I decided I wanted a change and had my hair straightened for six weeks. That’s all it took to destroy my once lush hair to lifeless stringy hair. I was devastated. Like most women my hair was a huge part of my identity and my self-worth. So once it was gone, I didn’t feel good about myself and my self confidence took a hit. I didn’t even think I had this issue until I was faced with it. The heat damage to my hair was absolutely nuts! I got a $200 haircut because I was nervous about ruining it for a second time. At the end of the day it was kinda like a big chop all over again.

Seriously the first part of 2018 was rough because I had to learn to love myself without my hair. I thought I looked kinda odd without it, not as pretty, and kinda boring. This was all my internal dialogue of course. It took a couple of months to believe that I’m still awesomely beautiful without my hair and that it will grow back. Lots of affirmations, vegan cake, and Time because everything takes freakin time…lol. I had to do the inner work on myself as they say and it took about six months while I waited and waited for my hair to grow back. I’m grateful for the time to work on myself and the opportunity to relearn to love myself. Hair does not equal beauty. Long, short, mid-length, shaved, or even bald it’s all beautiful. Here’s the latest pics of my hairit’s coming in nicely, right? Have you ever had to do a big chop? or a haircut to repair damage?

Peace Out 2018!

I love walking into the unknown because you just never know what’s around the corner. Most likely Greatness, Yassss!
2018 was one of my most challenging years due to a lot of changes personally and professionally but it all came together and I grew even more spiritually. Here’s what i learned or relearned in 2018:
1. I love minding my business 💅🏾

2. I’m in charge of my own happiness. This one I’ve known but was reinforced this year
3. Having six great life long friends is and will continue to be a blessing you know who you are😍
4. Just because you made a decision..doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind😊
5. The simplest things still make me really happy and so does vegan ice cream from Salt and Straw or a creamy cup of matcha latte
7. Giving back is part of who I am and I love it
8. Saying yes to myself and my own well-being is non negotiable 
9. Everyone learns their life’s lessons in their own can’t make anyone do anything they’re not ready to do. (Reinforced this year)
10. Continue to trust my intuition. It hasn’t failed me unless I don’t listen😅Happy New Year beauties! Live long and prosper🖖🏽
What have you learned in 2018?

True & Co. Style & Confidence

As an influencer I’m contacted by many brands to feature their products from time to time, but one stood out from the rest…True & Co. They are “a new kind of intimate apparel brand based on one simple ideal: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin.” They are a female owned and operated company that focuses on their community to drive their brand design and awareness. I love supporting women entrepreneurs and True & Co is creating beautiful and comfortable bras along with pretty underpinnings that’s easy to wear everyday. Let’s be honest bra fit is everything from the smallest to the largest it matters! I love their high quality bras and their lace bodysuit with a plunging neckline…Sexy!! I also plan on purchasing True Body Convertible Triangle Strap Bra as I’ve decide it’s a Must Have! Check out True & Co. you’ll love them as much as I do.

The Journey Begins…

Welcome to TrishLindoStyle a lifestyle and inspirational blog from a Los Angeles fashionista! This is my second go around with my my blog and this time with a new point of view. I’m setting my intention to post from the heart and to share with you my followers some of the things that fill my mind. Of course, they’ll be fashionable posts along with life’s ramblings. At the end of the day, no matter what’s going on in our lives we still gotta look fabulous! Thanks for joining me on this ride! xoxo

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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